Comprehensive Web and Mobile Solutions

The Online& way.

1. Discovering

Online& begins by learning about your business. Seventeen years of marketplace experience informs our discovery. After clarifying objectives, we outline project goals.

2. Thinking (lots of it)

Together, we think. Brainstorming and researching, our shared resources result in the optimum project blueprint. This phase might be demanding, but it definitely pays off.

3. Designing

The fun begins: Online& develops the image for your business or project. We follow your feedback to distill final designs that deliver our identified market goals.

4. Building

You kick back, we nerd out. From approved designs, Online& tackles the technical aspects. Building full functionality within a secure development environment, we bring your new site to life.

5. Testing (tons of it)

We test. And test. Then test some more. When satisfied with functionality, Online& invites you to try to break our work. Smash at it, until we’re both happy it will hold up to all your new business.

6. Launching

We’ve discovered. We’ve designed. We’ve tested. We’re ready: Your highly informed, market-ready Online& project launches in final form.

7. Woo-hooing!

Online& has found collaborative ‘woo-hooing’ to be a vital element of every project. Our proven metrics track traffic, user responses, and sales leads to prove the validity of our ‘woo-hoo’, and show the return on your investment.

Because each project is unique, we have developed this process to truly fulfill every client’s needs.

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