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Chapel Hill Academy
Chapel Hill Academy school calendar
Chapel Hill Academy lunch menu
Chapel Hill Academy ControlPanel™
Chapel Hill Academy ControlPanel™
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Chapel Hill Academy needed state-of-the-art information delivery worthy of their progressive educational philosophy. We developed real-time database systems to provide students and families with a one-stop location for all the information they need, including event schedules, lunch menus, forms, and weather-related school closings. We also created microsites to enable each teacher to post classroom curriculum and homework assignments.

Best of all, our customized ControlPanel solution empowers the Chapel Hill staff to update all of this content in-house without assistance – or ongoing cost!

And in collaboration with Barth and Co Design, we made it beautiful. Graphic Design USA agreed, awarding an American Web Design Award.

Services Provided
  • website design and implementation
  • ControlPanel™ modular site administration management system
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • total marketing integration & social media
  • integration of website functionality with back-end systems
  • hosting
  • real-time traffic analysis
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