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Glenn C. Devitt LinkedIn Profile
Principal & Technical Director

At the dawn of adulthood I was a musician, bon vivant, and starry eyed fixer-of-the-world. None of which paid very well. So I invested several years learning to design computer networks at international corporations, for Important People. In my spare time I played around with the newfangled World Wide Web.

One Spring day in 1996, while sprinting through Grand Central Station – late for a train home, as usual – I glimpsed my reflection in a store window and pulled up short. Standing slack-jawed, I had an epiphany:

I look ridiculous in a suit. I have to do something else for a living.

That night I began drafting a business plan, and a month later took a gamble by quitting the day job and co-founding a web development firm. For the next 15 years I was privileged to collaborate on projects for more than 100 clients in various industries ranging from artists to investment managers, Microsoft to Nabisco, WebMD to Travelocity. A smart plan (and fantastic clients) enabled us to thrive through the dot-com boom, the dot-com bust, and countless amazing technological evolutions.

After moving across the continent from NYC to Portland (sorry, Mom and Dad), in 2011 I established Online& to pursue new opportunities presented by evolving technology and markets, and leverage my extensive network of talented independent professionals.

Away from my desk, I am a gardener and voracious reader of nonfiction. In my better moments I like to think of myself as a flâneur and an enthusiastic (though rarely succesful) fisherman. Oregon has inspired new passions including bocce, biking, breathing fresh air, beach campfires, and cheering for the Timbers until my voice gives out.

I have provided interviews and commentary in media outlets including National Public Radio’s Marketplace and OPB News, Le Figaro, NHK World (Japanese public television), Histoire (French television history channel), Washington Post, Village Voice, New York Daily News, Entrepreneur, and San Antonio Express-News. And occasionally on Twitter.


Online& is lean and nimble.

Glenn manages all phases of work, so your project coordinator is a principal, not a middle manager. Nearly all of our business comes through referrals, because we work hard to meet or exceed every client’s expectations.

While Glenn normally handles tech and coding personally, he draws on a strong network of experienced, talented, independent professionals – designers, illustrators, photographers – to assemble the perfect team for each project. Not only does this allow us to be flexible and produce great work, it also keeps a lid on overhead and client fees.

Isn’t it nice when everybody wins?